Home Watch Services for Virginia’s Northern Neck & Middle Peninsula


Professional and Reliable Home Watch Services for the Northern Neck & Middle Peninsula

We Give Second Home Owners Peace of Mind... Serving as Their Eyes, Ears & Helping Hands While They're Away

Owning a weekend or vacation home in the Northern Neck or Middle Peninsula is a dream come true for many of us, within a short drive of Richmond, Northern Virginia, Washington, Maryland and more

But leaving your home vacant during the week or during the colder months can weigh on your mind.... and jeopardize your investment if not professionally cared for while you're away, even for just days. Our home watch services are the solution.

We give our home watch services customers peace of mind when they know their home is taken care of and protected. And they don't have to worry about house sitters or asking a neighbor to go above and beyond or worrying about whether your homeowner's insurance will cover a slip or a fall.

Protecting your investment, being there when you need us and delivering peace of mind is what our customers want and it's what we do. Our plans are very affordable, with home watch visits starting at under $70 (subscription pricing).

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Maintaining a second home requires a trusted and reliable local partner who can be here when you can't.

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Home watch is defined by the National Home Watch Association as "a visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues."

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What could go wrong when there's no one home?

Unauthorized Use of Home/Property

Pest Entry/Infestation

Wind and/or Storm Damage

Tripped Circuits/GFI

Pools/Spas/Vehicles Unattended

Grounds/Property Unattended

Smoke/CO Alarms Stop Working


Interior/Exterior Light Problems

Pipe Break/Water Leaks

Appliance Failure

Debris/Trash in Yard

Heat/AC Failure

Car/Cart/JetSki Batteries Uncharged

Air/Water Filter Problems

Mail/Packages/Flyers Left Behind

Doors/Windows Unlocked/Open

Mold/Mildew Problems

Landscape/Erosion or Water Problems

Roof/Siding/Gutter Problems

No water for grass/plants/garden

Freeze of Pipes

*These are just some of the reasons insurance companies often charge a premium for unattended or unoccupied homes.

Get home watch services to protect your investment and give your home the benefits of being occupied. In addition, having us take care of these issues means that you can start enjoying your second home the minute you arrive, instead of spending the first hours or days worrying about these problems.

We also provide home watch services to rental property owners!

Trusted & Professional

A Nationally Accredited, Fully Insured, and Bonded Company

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Our Coverage Area

We serve the entire Northern Neck & Middle Peninsula

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Online Access

Online portal to manage your subscription and services

Flexible Home Watch Services

Home Watch Services Starting at <$80/month

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Variable Plans

Home watch services can be delivered weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

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Pay Convenience

All major credit cards and PayPal accepted with auto-billing

Electronic Reports

Detailed reports with photos are sent via email after each home watch visit

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Subscription Savings

Single visits and multi-month subscriptions are available.

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5-Star Rating Goal

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"I feel so much better knowing you're there" - a returning home watch customer in Mundy Point

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