VDOT Considering Passing Lanes for Section of Route 3 in Westmoreland County – Public Comments Sought

VDOT Seeking Public Comments on Proposal to Add Passing Lanes to Route 3 in Westmoreland County

Ever been stuck behind a very slow moving vehicle on Route 3 in Westmoreland County, or witnessed unsafe passing or collisions on that stretch of road?

Well here’s your chance to comment on a VDOT proposal to add passing lanes to a 1.6 mile section of Historyland Highway. For more on VDOT’s proposal and to make comments by December 9, 2017, visit VDOT’s project page.

More information and images about this proposed 4-lane, 1.6 mile addition are available on VDOT’s project page.

VDOT Rt 3 Westmoreland County Widening Map Image

Region Encompassing Northern Neck & Parts of Middle Peninsula Sees Encouraging Real Estate Results in 3rd Quarter 2017

Some Encourage News…

According to the Virginia Association of Realtors, the Eastern Region of the State (which encompasses the Northern Neck and several surrounding counties including Essex and Middlesex) saw a 19.4% increase in 3rd Quarter Sales, compared to the same quarter in 2016.

Virginia Home Sales Report Q3 2017

To see the full report, visit the Virginia Association of Realtors Website.

Virginia Home Sales Map with Northern Neck

Point to Point Home Services & Your Northern Neck or Middle Peninsula Home

See how we help protect your second home investment in the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula by checking out our services or viewing our 2-minute Point to Point Home Services Explainer Video.

Winterizing Your Vacant Home in the Northern Neck or Middle Peninsula This Winter? See these tips…

Winterizing vacant second homes

This weekend’s winter-like temperatures were a shock and had many of us at Allison’s Ace Hardware in Lottsburg, Lowe’s in Tappahannock and other home improvement go-to spots. Winterizing the soon-to-be vacant home was a popular task this weekend. We received a few inquires and signed up a new home watch client as a result of the temps and impending “off season.”Ice covered downspouts

Aside from investing in a home watch service for your vacant Northern Neck or Middle Peninsula second home, there are a few things you can do to protect yourself from damage and loss.

Winterization Articles We Found Helpful

Below are a couple of links that are worth exploring – they are helpful and not too commercial. Each title is linked to the article – click on them to view the article.

Winterize your home or business now to prevent costly damage and insurance claims from NBCRightNow is a great article packed with tips for winterizing your home. Conducting routine inspections of the inside of the home for mold, mildew and other tell-tale signs of problems is a key tip. This is exactly what Point to Point Home Services does for its clients – we conduct regular home watch inspections of your home while you’re away.

Winterize Your Home to Save Money on Your Heating Bills from CBS in New York is also good and we’ve included it here for those that like a video in addition to written tips.

Last, we’d point you to 11 Tips for Winterizing a Vacant Home by The Eric Stewart Group, a Washington-area real estate group. Although the blog was written in 2015, it focuses on vacant homes which is what many of our clients will have. Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula 2nd homes are often vacant during the winter months and even on many weekdays during the summer. The best part of this blog in our humble opinion is:

 “In addition, though you should certainly take precautions by winterizing the home, unexpected situations can still occur. A quick periodic check-in for as long as the house is empty (even during warmer weather) can mean the difference between a problem being caught early enough to be fixed before any damage is done, and a problem that’s left unchecked long enough to cause hundreds or even thousands of dollars in damage.

We absolutely agree and that’s exactly what Point to Point Home Service’s comprehensive home watch service is intended to do. An affordable subscription to peace of mind all winter long CAN save you thousands! We do this by detecting problems and potential problems early enough to take action to prevent major problems.

What to do Now

Get winterizing, of course! And don’t forget to sign up for our mailing list to receive coupons and special offers or call us today for an appointment. Ready to reserve your peace of mind now? Use our service selector and online payment portal today.

Point to Point Home Services – What We Can and Can’t Do…

Point to Point Home Services – What We Can and Can’t Do…

We tell all of our customers and prospective customers that our services can be customized to meet the needs of just about any second home owner in the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula. We recognize the importance of value and convenience.

For years, we made trips to our second home during the cold months of January and February to check on the house, increase or decrease the thermostat, and to water the palms and other plans that had been brought in for the winter.

Rosie the RiveterIn this blog post, we want to share some customizations that we’ve been asked about or experienced that we can incorporate into your home watch plan. We’ll also point out some important things that we cannot do, in light of specialized licensing and credentialing requirements or insurance restrictions. No matter what we do, we’ll always follow the law and the highest moral and professional standards.

Examples of Customized Services That Can Be Added* To Most Home Watch Service Plans

  • House Cleaning
  • Lawn/Landscaping Care
  • Pool/Spa Cleaning (Repair services not available, including opening or closing)
  • Mail/Parcel Forwarding
  • Clear/Sweep Walkway or Porch
  • Spray Weed Killer on Driveway/Walkway Weeds
  • Blow Leaves Away from Front of Home
  • Water New Landscape Plantings
  • Protect Plant from Early/Late Frost
  • Replace Accessible Outdoor Light Bulbs
  • Post No Hunting/Trespass Signs on Property
  • Turn Over Engine on Car Parked at Home (Vehicles Cannot Be Operated)
  • Apply Ice Melt to Walkway/Steps
  • Clear Stairwell Drain of Leaves/Debris
  • Replace/Refill Propane Tank on Gas Grill
  • Water House Plants
  • Check/Reset Mouse/Other Traps or Bait Stations
  • Switch Interior Lights to On/Off or Change Timers
  • Turn On/Off Humidifier/De-humidifier
  • Close/Open Foundation Vents (if accessible)
  • Adjust Thermostat/Settings on Whole House/Attic Fan (if accessible)
  • Relocate Canoe/Kayak to Higher Ground
  • Pick Up & Ship Small  Item (e.g., book) in Home to Homeowner
  • Feed the Neighbor’s Cat That Thinks He’s Dining Out at Your House…Every Night

You get the drift at this point….(pun intended!)

Examples of Services that Cannot Be Added or Provided by Point to Point, LLC

  • Home Security System Maintenance/Operations/Monitoring
  • Alarm Response Services
  • Other Home Security or Investigative Services
  • Home Inspection Services (we cannot provide written evaluations of any system (including heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical systems, structural components; foundation; roof; masonry structure, exterior and interior components, etc.)). This means that we don’t evaluate a system’s or component’s ability to operate or its health, diagnose specific problems with the system(s), or recommend repair or replacement.
  • Home Improvement
  • Property Management
  • Plumbing or Electrical Services
  • Mold/Asbestos Abatement
  • Land Surveying/Engineering
  • Professional Wrestling (apparently there’s a license for that – who knew?)
  • Real Estate Sale or Leasing Services or Negotiations
  • Operating or Driving Your Watercraft or Vehicles
  • Other Services That Require a License, Certification and/or Specialized Insurance that we don’t currently maintain

If you are in need of any of the services above that we cannot provide, we would be very pleased to refer you to other companies with the required licenses, certifications and insurance. We’ve met some outstanding companies and professionals over the years and we’re always happy to make the connections.

In summary, we are a home watch company providing convenience, peace of mind, home preservation and prevention services for out-of-town homeowners. We are not, and don’t claim to be, is a security company, alarm company, property manager, real estate sales or rental company, home inspectors, investigators, engineers or mechanical or structural tradespersons. Home watch is defined a visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues.

Stay tuned…

More services will be added in the Spring of 2018. Sign up for our mailing list to receive the announcements.

*While many customizations can be accomplished without additional cost, some customizations will incur additional monthly costs. Call or email us for more information. 

Point to Point Home Services Earns National Accreditation from the National Home Watch Association!

Point to Point Home Services Receives National Accreditation Award

National Home Watch Association LogoPoint to Point Home Services, LLC received national accreditation from the National Home Watch Association (NHWA), a national association founded in 2009 to provide standards for the home watch industry. Reaching national accreditation status means that Point to Point Home Services, LLC has been “vetted for proper insurance, consumer complaints, and truthful website content, as well as their agreement to follow the Mission Statement and Code of Ethics of the NHWA. These businesses have separated themselves from the pack by committing to a very high set of standards. These standards assure clients that the people in their homes are truly looking out for their best interests at all times,” according to the NHWA.

Rappahannock Record Article About Point to Point Home Services, LLC

On Friday, September 8, 2017, the Rappahannock Record published the following article about Point to Point Home Services’s newly earned accredited status.

Point to Point Home Watch Services Accreditation Announcement
Click on this image to see the Rappahannock Record Article Online

Point to Point is very pleased to have earned this honor and will work hard to ensure that we maintain our accreditation as we serve Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula second home and absentee homeowners.

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