Mold & Mildew Don’t Just Look Bad, They ARE Bad….For You

All This Rain From What’s Left of Tropical Storm Harvey Got Me Thinking About the Mold and Mildew That Starts to Grow When the Rain Stops

Mold and Mildew
Mildew Near Windows Can Result from Simple Condensation

Think that stuff is just a cosmetic issue? Think again!

You can get really sick from certain mold and mildew in your home.

A good home watch plan will help you identify early signs of it when you’re home is closed up for the fall and winter or even during the week when your away or traveling.

Check out our most comprehensive home watch plans here or go to to compare all of the different plans available.

Watch this short video from CNBC on how you can help prevent mold and mildew in your home when you’re there to spot it….note that these are many of the same things a home watch inspection will look for when you can’t be in your home.

For those of you saying, “Gee, I wish they had found a video from FEMA about mold,” here’s your treat…straight out of 1975 apparently, but actually still relevant and it helps us remember our early years 🙂

Virginia Home Market Steadily Growing in 2017

Virginia Realtor’s Association says the home sales market is “expanding”

The Virginia Association of Realtors (VAR) recently (July 2017) released data on statewide and regional home sales in the second quarter of 2017. The report compares current sales trends to historical data as far back as 2014. Regions that encompass the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula are included.

The report looks at statewide and national trends as well as unemployment and lending rates as additional indictors of market health.

Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula Regions See Modest But Welcome Growth


Virginia Association of Realtors 2017 Home Sales Report
From: Virginia Association of Realtor’s Home Sales Report Q2 2017


The Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula fall within the Eastern and Hampton regions, according to the report. Growth in both regions was better than some other areas within the state, particularly the South Central Region (below Richmond) and the Valley Region (Front Royal area). The Eastern Region, encompassing the Northern Neck, saw 4.8% growth, comparing Q2 from 2017 to Q2 2016. The Hampton Roads Region, encompassing the Middle Peninsula, saw 3.3% growth over the same period.  The State overall saw 5.3% growth in sales over this period.

While the report doesn’t provide data on second home or waterfront sales specifically, its encouraging nonetheless to see the overall real estate market sustaining growth and strength.

Let’s hope that the trend continues, particularly in our neck of the woods!

See the full VAR report by clicking here.

If you are thinking of buying a second home in the Northern Neck or Middle Peninsula of Virginia, check out what Point to Point Home Services provides for second home owners in the area!

The Route Less Traveled…Is the Best One

One of our favorite things to talk about when comparing second home locations with others is…. the traffic. The Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula seem to have other destinations beat by a…mile.

If you live in Northern Virginia, Maryland or Washington, D.C. and own a second home at Lake Gaston, you probably take I-95 to get there. If you live in those areas and have a second home at Smith Mountain Lake, you probably take I-81 Northern Neck and Middle Peninsulato get there. These are beautiful places, no doubt. But you won’t catch me for a minute on I-95 or I-81 on a holiday weekend!  Routes 17, 3, and 360 are our favorite routes with hardly any traffic on any of them, save a spot in Stafford near the I-95 and Route 17 interchange. The Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula are all about peace, enjoyment, and rest – getting here should be too!

For those coming from more of a northerly direction (versus West), consider options like Route 210 connecting up with U.S. 301 in LaPlata and joining those from the eastern suburbs heading down. Take note however, the Route 301 (Harry Nice) bridge can get a good backup on Sunday afternoons for those returning north.

What’s your favorite route to the Northern Neck or Middle Peninsula?