One-Time 12-Point Economy Home Watch Service (No Subscription)

$80.00 for 1 month and a $99.00 sign-up fee

One-time 12-point Economy Home Watch Service


One-Time 12-Point Economy Home Watch Service

This service is a one time 12-point home watch service to be conducted upon request. Inspection visit will take place no sooner than 48 hours following purchase. Customers may designate a specific week for the inspection to take place, in order to accommodate owner absence. Price does not include the set up fee of $99.00

Customizing Your Home Watch Service

Below is a description of our home watch services. You can customize this list and/or add minor conveniences to it, like watering a recently planted tree or shrub, sweeping off the porch or deck, closing/opening foundation vents, or turning on or off an outside light or replacing a bulb.

Our 12-Point Economy Home Watch Service Plan (Exterior Only)

Home Exterior – 12 Point Inspection

360 inspection around the home and any included outbuildings* to identify potential:

  • Safety/security concerns (e.g., open doors/windows or signs of forced entry)
  • Significant soil and landscape erosion problems (including driveway)
  • Downspout/drainage issues (including clogged or damaged gutters that could lead to ice dams)
  • Yard/landscape/vegetation problems (e.g., dead or dying shrubs/trees, etc.)
  • Roof/siding/trim problems (as visible from ground) (e.g., shingle damage, limbs, hanging trim/siding)
  • Exterior lighting problems/outages
  • Insect/pest infestations or potential
  • Blockages/obstructions to entrances/exits/walkways (excessive debris,
  • Entrance/porch/decking concerns, including broken/loose railings, rot, mildew, other safety issues, etc.
  • Downed limbs and weather-related debris and damage
  • Check porch/doors/mailbox for notices, papers, mail (discard, store) (forward key items if desired for additional fee)
    • *One detached shed/garage (designated by customer) inspection included in above home check (more outbuildings can be added for a small fee)

Point to Point will address issues not requiring repair or specialist attention, such as locking unlocked doors, etc.

We will immediately attempt to notify homeowners of any serious problems and will provide all homeowners with a report after each inspection.

Point to Point inspection plans can be customized to each home and additional add-on services are available for pool or boat checks and more. Details and limitations of inspections is provided in the Terms of Service/Customer Agreement, to be electronically reviewed and accepted before checkout.

Have questions, contact us! Want to know more about how the purchasing and on-boarding process works? Check out our “How it All Works” page.

Want to compare the different plan types and discounts available? See our “Comparing Our Plans” page.

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