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For those who allow their second homes to be occupied through the various online and other services, it can be helpful to have someone local who can be available to provide key pickup, drop-off services, spare key deliveries, cleaning, yard care, and compliance checks (to be sure your home hasn’t been turned into a convention hall or party house).

Although we do not offer or provide property management services at this time, we do provide vacation rental support services.

Key Pickup/Drop-Off

Before providing keys to anyone, we will verify identification to match the name provided by our customers and will ask for a signed receipt. Price shown is for 1 key pickup and drop-off service. We will come to the property for drop-off and return for pickup when instructed by the customer. As with other services, 48-hours notice is required.

Compliance Checks

Compliance checks are exterior checks only and do not involve us entering the home or yard of the property. This is a visual inspection for activity that may be of concern, which will be reported back to customers via email at the conclusion of the observation. The price show is for 1 compliance check. 48 hours notice is required before check can be completed.

Purchasing this Add-On Service

This add-on service can be purchased during an active subscription period and is not available as a subscription. Each time the service is needed, customers will purchase the service. Once purchased, we will reach out to the customer to determine the specific parameters and needs and will provide a custom quote.

Home cleaning and lawn and landscape care are available through customized estimates at this time.

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