Single Purpose Trip (Check Locks/Lights/Pre or Post Storm, etc.) Add-On


Single Purpose “Check” Trip


Single Purpose Trip Add-On

For those like us who get half way home and ask “Did we lock the side door?” or say “we forgot to pickup the mail!”, this service is for you. Need us to conduct a pre- or post-storm check during Tropical Storm/Hurricane season, just add it on!

Homeowners with an active home watch plan can easily go online and add this service.

We will contact you to determine what is needed, if not specified and will schedule the visit as quickly as possible. No report is provided in conjunction with this service.

This service is only available on an ad-hoc/as-needed basis and only available to existing home watch subscription customers.

Every effort will be made to get to the property as soon as possible to accomplish the check desired, however it may be 48 hours or more before the check can be accomplished in some cases.

For questions about this add-on service, please contact us.

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