Purchasing Home Watch – How It Works

Point to Point Home Services - How Our Services and Options Work

Flexible Options and Customizable Services Designed for Out of Town & Second Home Owners

It's not lost on us that requiring you to meet us to learn basic information on who we are and what we do or requiring you to meet us at your second home in order to set up services is an inconvenience and sometimes just isn't possible, although we are more than happy to come to your home to meet you! 

Our process has been designed with out-of-town second home owners in mind - it's a simple process that can be done entirely online if that's what desired and most convenient to you.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Select Your Plan Type

There are two plan types - Comprehensive (24-Point Inspection) or Economy (12-Point Inspection). The primary difference between the two is that Comprehensive Plans include an inspection of both the exterior and interior of the property and offer the best protection and service levels. Economy home watch services are exterior-only. 

You can view a plan comparison to help you narrow your interests and then go to the individual product pages for both Comprehensive and Economy Plans to determine the best plan for you. We've added in significant savings with the longer subscription plans.

Step 2: Choose Your Service Level

Once you've decided on Comprehensive or Economy Home Watch Services, its time to choose how many visits per month are needed. We can provide weekly, bi-weekly or monthly visits. 

The last question here is how many months of service do you need? While you may be tempted to count only the months you plan to be away, our services can be very beneficial during summer months as well, when you may be away during the week or on off weeks. In addition, our longer sub subscription plans offer significant savings and therefore better value. 

Step 3: Choosing Your Add-On Services

Once you know whether you want our Comprehensive Home Watch Services or our Economy Home Watch Services and you've added your choice to the shopping cart, you can consider add-on services.

You can find these services by reviewing our product page or by searching "Add-On" in the search bar for our site. You may have also noticed that these add-on services were probably offered to you as you added your home watch plan to the cart.

Please note! Add-on services are only available to home watch subscribers and cannot be purchased individually. That said, if you want us to create a home watch plan for you that combines a Pool Check Add-On and a Boat Check Add-On and maybe a Mail Check and Forwarding request, but no other services, we can build that subscription for you. Just contact us before purchasing for a quote.

Step 4: Pay & Benefits

Once you've selected your home watch plan and included any add-ons in the cart, you'll be directed to the check out process. We've selected PayPal and credit card services as the payment methods, because they are trusted and secure. If you prefer not to use either service, contact us

From here, there are a few fine print details we need to work out and you need to know how to manage your services and account. See the tabs below for more information on these topics.